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Classes With Sarah


What areas do you cover?

I can cover Aberdeen City and some areas of Aberdeenshire

Kingswells, Westhill, Oldmeldrum, Inverurie, Kintore, Ellon, Newburgh, Stonehaven, Cults and Banchory, if you are unsure if this includes your area just get in touch and we can help you find out!

What do I need to bring?

It may be helpful to set up a wee yoga nest, have cushions and a blanket to hand for relaxation. You may also like to have a belt, block, bolster, eye mask, swiss ball or chair nearby. We may also use a wall space at times so having a clear wall space is handy.

What do I need to wear?

Please wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Loose breathable fabric is best and layer up so when you cool down you can pop back on socks and jumpers to keep cosy for relaxation. 

Should I eat or drink beforehand or after?

You might like to have a water bottle to hand and sip as needed, a small snack before and after practice will also help such as a small flap jack or cereal bar, fruit or handful of dried fruit and nuts. Pregnant women should aim to eat small amounts every 4 hours rather than large heavy meals.

Can Men attend the Women’s Sangha Yoga?

No is the short answer. This class is to bring together women of all ages for healing with a focus on womb practices, we consider our menstrual cycles, lunar cycles and the seasons. As cyclical beings this is a way for women to connect as they would have done long ago. Think of them as yoga imbued Red Tents. All women welcome of all ages whatever stage of life they are, maiden, mother and crone. 

I’ve never practiced yoga before, can I still attend?

Yes the physical movement of the class is only part of it, we spend quite a bit of time in breathing practices, meditation and relaxation. We also work slowly in stages  so you can stop where you feel most comfortable. Classes are focused on normal ranges of movement, strength building and energetic transformation to promote healing and bring the body, mind and soul into harmony. All abilities are welcome. Why not try a drop in class first before committing to 6 weeks.

Pregnancy yoga

How soon can I start the Pregnancy Yoga Classes?

Please wait until 14 weeks to attend classes unless you already have a dedicated yoga practice.

I’ve never done yoga before, can I start while pregnant?

Yes, absolutely! In fact many women start yoga during pregnancy then go onto continue practising after baby arrives. Class is slow paced with a focus on normal ranges of movement to protect joints and ligaments during pregnancy.

Postnatal yoga

My birth had complications, can I still attend?

The type of birth will affect what you are able to do, we will modify postures to suit and accommodate you as all new mums will benefit from gentle exercise to stimulate healing and recovery. Everyone will benefit from breathing practices, gentle guided movements, meditation and relaxation. We also work in stages so you can stop where you feel comfortable.

Can I bring baby?

Yes absolutely! You can try and time it right so they may have a nap but inevitably there will be times when its not possible, so we just do what we can.  Being with other mums and engaging in live classes builds your mama community, discussions about all things baby are also encouraged! It takes a village! Even if you are having a bad day and baby is unsettled you won’t regret even doing just a teeny bit. Yoga is perfect for new mums. Keep your swiss ball inflated as they are perfect for soothing baby while you rock, make circles and do your pelvic floor exercises.

I’ve never done yoga before, can I still join the class?

Yes, we work in stages and often with props so if you are new to yoga using a belt or block can help. Classes are focused on movements that balance and stabilise the pelvis, aiding in closing the bones and strengthening muscles to protect joints. We also focus on retraining the body's posture and gently knitting the abdominals back together as most women will have some degree of diastasis recti. As core strength returns our energy levels increase. 

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